Choosing an agency, or a basketball agent, is an important decision. Whether you are making a run for an NBA Team or seeking a job with a team in Europe, Asia, Oceana, Africa, Canada, Latin America, or one of the many Pro Leagues in the United States including the NBA D-League Aspire Sports Management can definitely help you with all your needs.
Aspire Sports Management now has Offices in Ohio, Texas, North Carolina, and California USA, Serbia, Switzerland and the Phillipines!
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CLIENT PLACEMENT - Aspire Sports Management seeks and obtains jobs for our clients worldwide whether it be FIBA, Euroleague, to Eurocup. We work with teams or clubs in Europe, Asia, Oceana, Latin America, and Canada. Aspire Sports Management currently has offfices in Ohio, Texas, North Carolina, California, West Virginia, and Arizona USA, Lausanne Switzerland, Belgrade Serbia, and Minilla Philippines.

  Aspire Sports Management also focuses on the NBA and NBA D-League. With the NBA D-League now showing player advancement to the NBA like never before, we work with our clients for placement. Every athlete's dream should be to ultimately reach the NBA or WNBA for women. We constantly work for simultaneous exposure to overseas teams, the NBA, and NBA D-League ( and WNBA for women ) to obtain the best options available for all our clients.
We also represent coaches and seek jobs for coaches worldwide. Aspire Sports Management works with Executives and Team owners for our coaches.
CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS - Contract negotiations are critical to an athlete or coaches' security and well being. There are numerous considerations such as medical clauses, taxes, pay, travel issues, housing, bonuses, dependents going with you, endorsements and marketing revenue, and perks such as cars - internet access - and more. These issues must be in writing with an employer in order to be obtained and enforced. We negotiate complete contracts in the best interests of our clients.
DRAFT PREPARATION - TRAINING: With some of the best trainers in the world, Aspire Sports Management can arrange NBA pre-draft training for Players in the NBA draft. We can also arrange training for any of our athletes at any level. Ongoing training is critical to player advancement and every athlete should seek the best training possible in order to continually advance their careers.
COMPREHENSIVE SUPPORT - There are many things an athlete or coach may need as help during their careers. Legal Assistance, Financial planning, counseling, nutrician, and more. Aspire Sports Management has a professional network for all our clients needs on and off the court!

Our goal is to keep athletes and coaches performing at their top potential without having to worry what is happening outside the game.
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